Return Policy

1. Return of Unwanted Products

On Oliunìd you can return a product for any reason: it is not what you expected, the shoe size is wrong, the pants' color is not the one you like. You have 100 days time to do that.

Please note: in the case of kit products (example crag kit, via ferrata kit, ski+binding kit, etc.), including more than one product, the return is valid only if you return the complete kit with everything and not the individual components. The custom made or tailored products (for example surprise box, cords per meter or a ski mounted with the binding) are excluded from the Return Policy.


1. 2. 3.

Pack up the product along with a paper with your order number.

ATTENTION: both product and packaging must be intact. See below, Products not suitable for Return

Send your package to:
LDR S.P.A.Unipersonale
Via Filzi 97
36051 Creazzo (VI)
As soon as we get your package we will issue your refund

How do I Ship? 

There are three options to return a product:


Shipping Method How I do that
Send with the postal service or with the courier you prefer Please send your return on your own
Use Oliunìd's return service From Italy: click here to find out how to do that
From outside Italy: click here to find out how to do that
Bring us your return directly in our shop Click here to find out how to do that


From Italy

You can use GLS' Pick-Up Service in order to send us your parcel. You just need to indicate that Oliunìd will pay the shipment (freight collect) and book your pick-up.  You need to book your pick-up for the afternoon and indicate in the notes the words "Addebitare a LDR S.P.A. Unipersonale 4442 - V6". This service has a cost of 10 € that will be deduced from our refund.


1. 2. 3.
Book your pick-up on GLS' site with freight collect Insert "Addebitare a LDR S.P.A. Unipersonale 4442 - V6" in the notes This service has a cost of 10 € that will be deduced from our refund


From the Countries of the EU

You can use UPS' return service. You just need to fill in the tracking code we sent you with the confirmed shipping e-mail in UPS site's search bar. There you can follow the instructions to return your item, print your label, attach it to your package and bring it to the closest UPS Drop Off Point. This service has a cost of 20 € that will be deduced from our refund.


1. 2. 3. 4.
Fill in your tracking code in UPS' search bar Follow the instructions for your return Bring your parcel to the closest UPS Drop Off Point This service has a cost of 20 € that will be deduced from our refund




Please note: This UPS return service is not valid for crash pads. If the product you intend to return to us is a crash pad you will have to take care of the shipping and the costs will be at your expense. As soon as we have received the return, we will refund you exactly the amount you spent to make the purchase. We will therefore not refund you the amount spent on sending the crash pad back to us.


From outside the EU

To make a return from outside the EU, you must take care of the shipping and send us the product(s) you wish to return, at your own expense. As soon as we have received your return, we will refund you exactly the amount spent on the purchased product, but we will not refund the amount spent on its shipment: VAT, customs clearance costs, any duties or customs fees.

Please note: when goods are returned because the courier was unable to deliver them, the return procedure will start. Even in these cases, customs clearance costs, duties or taxes will be charged to you.


Return in our Shop

If you are around you can bring the product you wish to return directly in one of our shops. You just need to tell us your order number, the refund will then be issued in the methods you can see below.



As soon as your product is in our warehouse we will check that it is suitable for the return and we will issue the refund.


Payment Method How it Works
You paid with credit card or by PayPal We will issue the refund directly on the same account
You paid per money transfer or cash on delivery Please write on the paper, along with your order number, a IBAN so we can issue the refund


We will refund the whole amount you paid for the purchase of the product; we will not refund the shipping expenses.

Refund purchase with Gift Card

If you paid for part of the order with a Gift Card, please note that we cannot refund a value greater than the transaction that was actually carried out for the order. There are therefore 2 possible cases for reimbursement, which depend on the value of the transaction made (excluding the value of the Gift Card) and the price of the product to be returned. Let's take an example:

You have placed an order for € 300 by paying part of the amount with a € 100 Gift Card. The transaction that has actually been carried out is 200 €.

- if the product you want to return costs € 250, you can do it, € 200 will be returned to you and a Gift Card worth € 50 will be sent to you, as the amount to be returned is greater than that of the transaction.

- if you want to return a € 150 product, the refund will be € 150 as the amount to be returned is less than that of the transaction.


Product value to be refunded Extent of reimbursement
Higher than the transaction value Value of the transaction + Gift Card of the value that allows you to reach the price of the product to be refunded
Less than the transaction value Total value of the product price to be refunded

2. Returning Products that are Defected or not Compliant

Should one of the products you ordered be defected, please do contact us at Please do write us detailed information about the issue you are reporting, and also attach images or videos of it if you can. We also ask that you write us your order number or send us a picture of your receipt.

Our customer service department, once in contact with the manufacturer, will contact you to arrange shipment of the replacement product or, if it is no longer available, to send you a discount code for the value of the product in question. In the event that a purchased product is found to be defective but the manufacturer deems it suitable for repair, it is not possible to return it, but we will proceed with the repair itself according to a procedure that varies according to the supplier. Not even when the defective product has been repaired will it be possible to proceed with the return.

If the product you received is not compliant with the one you ordered (e.g. you ordered a size 8 shoe and received a 8.5), please do write us at Our customer service will contact you to organize an exchange with the correct product.

3. Exchange

We do not manage exchanges on Oliunìd. If you ordered a product and you've found out that it is not what you need you can return it (see above, Returns) and then proceed and place a new order so as to receive the correct product.


1. 2. 3.
Return the goods you want to change Place a new order now with replacement products As soon as we receive the goods we will process the refund


Please note: the second order is independent of the first one, the quantity discounts might therefore not be the same. For example, if you place a 250 € order and decide to return a 150 € product, you will get a 2% discount on your second order (orders above 100 €) and not a 3% discount (orders above 200 €).


4. Returns of in-store purchases

If you have purchased a product at an Oliunìd sales outlet and realise that it is not what you need, you can return it to one of the Oliunìd sales outlets, it cannot be shipped. In the shop, our experienced staff member will guide you in choosing an alternative product of equal or higher value, in the latter case with the balance of the price difference.


1. 2.
Return the goods to one of the Oliunìd shops (not necessarily the one where you bought the product) You can exchange for a product of the same or higher amount by paying the difference



5. Products not Suitable for Return

If our specialist will judge that the product you returned is not suitable we will not be able to accept it and we will need to send it back to you.

You can place a new order, in that case we will send you back the product for free with the your new order.

If, on the other hand, you decide not to place a new order then we will ship your product not eligible for return, in this case the shipping costs and any customs duties will be entirely at your expense. 

Place a new order You do not wish to place a new order
We send the unsuitable product without any surcharge We will send you the unsuitable product and the shipping costs and any customs duties will be entirely at your expense


A product can be judged not suitable for the return for four reasons:

a. the return has been made more than 100 days after receiving the goods
b. the product is damaged, used or not in its original packaging. The packaging must be intact and without any more labels. If you, for example, return a pair of shoes, you need to place the packaging in a larger box so that the courier's label is not attached directly on the packaging. If, on the other hand, you wish to return clothing, you must put them in an intact plastic packaging, for example by reusing our envelope or two packages, one of which is ours. So do not hesitate to send us our used envelopes with your returns. This will help us limit the use of single-use plastics.
c. the return is one of the products of an equipment kit (see point 1).
d. the return is a tailored product, custom made (see point 1).

6. Time for the Refund

The procedure for the refund will start immediately as soon as the goods have been checked and we have made sure that the return is suitable.

The time for the refund varies depending on the payment method:

4-5 work days if we issue the refund on a PayPal account
10 work days if we issue the refund on a credit card or via money transfer.




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